A$AP Rocky Teases New Trippy Music


A$AP Rocky hopped on Twitter recently to give fans a taste of what he’s been doing, and smoking.

It’s been about a year and some change since we got some new solo A$AP Rocky music, so the Harlem rapper figured he’d drop off a little gift to his fans as Christmas approaches.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, A$AP dropped a video clip featuring some new tunes. The video has Lord Pretty Flacko puffing on a blunt and blowing out some words to a hazy beat.

He says:

“I think they running out of rappers to compare me with, Ain’t a b*tch out bad enough to pair me with/Usually only fuck with n*ggas that you hear with me/My jewelry dance like ruby’s skipping on canary bricks, On some donkey sh*t, n*gga I bought me this, Shooters love me from Canal up to 40th.”

H/T: HipHop Wired

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